Saturday, November 8, 2008

pain killer please...

everybody.. me, u, her, he, they..
anyone of us faced problems...
facing problems with family, friends or even partner..
on that particular times occur.. sure u want someone to be there for you..
to listen, maybe give some advice..
but, when it turns backwards, where nobody is there for u,
nobody even care for u,
sure u will be in the state of agony..

things get more worst when the person which u most rely on,
to be with u,
sharing problem together,
is never there for u..
instead, he/she never care about ur problem.
for him/her, ur problem is just a small matter...
if only he could listen first... of only she could be more tolerate with me..

stop give me headache... please.. i'm just a human being+girl+youth+lonely+pathetic+exhausted..
i just hope one day he and she just... realizes...
i'm so tired..
fake smile..
people who have the most big smiles in front of u, actually have the biggest self problems...

maybe i just should end it...

sorry if my English is broken! so wut...


♥miss zaza♥ said...

hey semek!!
life is too short to be so sad
chill okeh?

nadzrah said...

=D thx k. dha.. i'll try

PoJenG said...

choices,choices and more choices
what u choose is what makes you YOU
not me
nor them
nor even us
it's you
positive thinking sure helps you know

nadzrah said...

ya ya
i agree with u
keep positive!

you are now in my zone said...

caiyok! ;)

paCat said...

Get a friends ~ Kenet Hebat!!!!

HANA bUdaK cEkElAt said...

kalau da saket kepala, mmg takleh nak kata apa dah!! saket bangat dong!! sape-sape bising memekak kat ebelah, nak je terajang, aiyak! dush!
akhirnya, makan actifast
;p ;p

Ms. Sleepyhead said...

sapa buli nadzrah ni!!!

safwan said...


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