Saturday, December 31, 2011

turn 24

what a hell of a night it was!
the best new year celebration I can say

welcome 2012
i had been waiting for you.


celebrated it like a boss

Friday, December 30, 2011

happy semester break

completed the first semester.

damn relieved yet afraid.

am I able to pass all subjects with B+ and above.
if not.



Thursday, December 22, 2011


alahai.... malunye aku...

camni ka nak jd wakil pelajar dlm kebebasan bersuara?

"perkara terakhir yang saya fikirkan adalah pendidikan sy"
adoiyai cikgu!!!! kemonnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aku malu!!! malu!!!!

pfftt! such a faggot.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

you know what..

you know what....
i love to read your blog... sincerely. *with serious face
especially when i came across with someones blog that i know or recognized.
it puts a smile on your face when you know that the person is doing just great in his/her life.
great job guys!

you know what...
i just finished eating domino's pizza. nyum2
who knows that domino's tastier than pizza. especially the crust, where it is not as too thick and hard like pizza. the topping also not bad.
*promote domino's sekejap.
unfortunately, i have to let my job in Domino's call centre service go because im having hard time in juggling my work and my study at the same time where u ought to produce high quality of work. pheewww.... talk about quality :( being resourceful person is a very hard thing to do.
salute to all the master part timers who able to do these things. clap3*

(back to serious matter)

we all know that...
we have a long journey ahead...
so far.. ive passed few of checkpoints in my life.
and alhamdulilah.. i think im doing great right now. ;)
i have so many checkpoints in my list that i need to cross =)

you know what...
this is one of my checkpoint. getting a degree. checked!
i just want to thank my beloved parents, my supportive fiance, and also my awesome friends for all the support and help that have been poured towards me since the first time i step into UiTM.
i love you guys. without these supporters, im sure im not able to cross it in my checklist.
what makes it sweeter is, i passed my degree life with good and sweet memories that i will keep it safely in the bottom of my memory box. whenever im feeling bad, i will treasure those moments i had with you guys. reminiscence how great life is when u r surrounding by great and awesome people.

guys! we survived UiTM!!!

my beloved parents. ;)

my great supporter aka my fiance

my awesome fantastic 4 friends!!! i miss u guys

also all my belovedvedvedved friends!!

*sedey x dpt bergambar dgn sume kawan. ni jew adewww.. huw huw huw~~

you know what,
suddenly, it makes me realizes that, i have passed the good moments with my friends.
am i going to get friends as awesome as they are?

it is very hard to accept the fact that im letting you guys go.
someday, we all gonna grow up and having our own life, maybe getting married, have some kids and move to some parts of the world.
are we going to lose contact guys?

you know what guys...
thank you for being a part of my humble and insignificant life.
for those who getting married. congratulations and wait for me!!!!

that should be all.

forgive me if ive commit lots of grammatical mistakes. huhuhu~

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Rugila kalo sape tak join contest Daniel adie kan!

so, demi mengaut hadiah2 yg awesome sbg hadiah konvo i, *smbil angkat2 kening kat daniel adie.
apelah salah kirenye memilih i sebagai pemenang no 1 ye. =p

ok. here we go. hehe

haaa.. ce korang teka. mana satu senyuman aku yg fake??
*cam dua2 fake je. hmmm

the first one is me in my baju sewa for my engagement. hak2. tomei2 dak? *blurggh!~
of coz la the first pict is the sincerest smile! tunang kot. takkan senyum nak fake *unless baju anda terlalu ketat, ditunangkan dgn mat bangla or nepal, atau tunang anda terlalu annoying, atau makanan kenduri x ckup, yada yada yada~~

the second pict is not actually that sincere because the reason why i took that pict was because to find some new profile pict. *kinda bored with the same profile pict. so, i consider it as fake because u smile for nothing. not like the 1st pict, where i smiled for myself. i smiled coz im happily engaged with someone whom i love.

so, that's all that i can say about these two pictures...
i hate to fake a smile actually, because when u fake it to other person, they can detect that u r faking. stop hurting others!!! i love my smile. :)

thus, i would like to see my friends' beautiful smile. which are CIKCUM *rindu cikcum ;) and EFFA MARIFA *baru nak kenal2. hehe

p/s: cant wait for the convocation day. after all the hard work and torture. pheww.. glad it was over. but wait! it is still NOT OVERRRR!!!! UWAAAAA!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

new love.

well... meet my new love!!!!!
these are my students where currently im a part time full time lecturer at UiTM Segamat.
they are very adorable and sporting!
i love u guys so much!!!

one thing about them is, they are good in stalking. so, sorry my students, not going to accept ur friend request yet. nop! a'ah. (smbil jari telunjuk gerak kekiri kanan)

gojes2 sungguh students aku. *tergugat

guys! u rawks!!

pic tonggek satop!!! ;p

p/s: it is very sad to leave ur guys after this. ;(
but, do wish me luck okay! MASTER HERE I COME!!! dah dapat student id hokeyh!!! tetiba rasa muda kembali!. ecececceh ;p

Monday, March 7, 2011

cat killer, may u rot in hell.

i dont know but u guys. but this is really disturbing.
this is apparently not a guy. but a girl (21 year-old). notice this. a GIRL!
i am an animal lover. i love animals. especially cat.

tak sanggup nk tgk smpai habis. tgk smpai die tendang je.
tragik sgt. smpai mati kucing tu. satu mati. satu lagi parah. mak kucing tu nak tlg pon x mampu. mampu tengok je...
awat laa manusia ni kejam sgt.

this girl is so really inhuman. what on earth that small kitten has done anything to you? that kitten even didnt barely move towards u for God sake!!!

and now u want forgiveness??
in your damn ******* dream!!!

conferencing about her stupid mistake. yeah right.

Friday, February 25, 2011


As i promised u on my last entry, that big tiger+peacock mask is actually a mask named Dedak Merak used for Reog Ponorogo Dance which is very synonym with Java society around in Malaysia and Indonesia. Reog also sometimes being danced with Barongan (some sort of Kuda Kepang performance).

Oh, please dont try to say that Javanese people love to practice superstitious thing which is so contradict with islamic religion.
this is just a DANCE which TELLS a story behind it.
no bomoh2 or jin2 used for this dance okayh.

so, what about it?
lets chekidaut! ;p


The dance known as Reog is a very spectacular dance with several dancers wearing bright colorful costumes accompanied by merry gamelan music.

It is always played in the open terrain, such as in a square, street etc. This dance which always draws a lot of spectators is a traditional art dance combined with magical show or a trance dance.

The reog dates back during the Hindu period in East Java. The story is related with the legend in Ponorogo Kingdom (+/- 70 km South East of Solo). Nowadays reog dance groups can be found also in other regions of Solo, Yogya, Other Towns in East Java, Kalimantan, Jakarta, even in Suriname. One of the famous group is Reog Prambanan in the border of Yogyakarta – Solo.

The Story

The powerful King Kelono Sewandono of Ponorogo Kingdom was famous with his fighting skills and magical power, accompanied by his Patih (Prime Minister) Bujanganom & his strong soldiers were attacked by King Singabarong, The King of Lions of Kediri Jungle, supported by his army, consisted of Lions and Peacocks.

At that time the Ponorogo's group were on the way to The Kingdom of Kediri guarding King Sewandono to marry Dewi Ragil Kuning, a princess of Kediri Kingdom.

There was a big fight between mighty warriors having magical power. The peacocks flew up and down flapping their wings to support The Lions – Singa Barong.

Bujanganom with his magic whip, supported by some Waroks in black traditional dress defeated The King Lion with all his followers.

The King of Ponorogo and his soldiers merrily continued their way to Kediri on horse back. Singa Barong joint the procession The Peacocks kept close to Singa Barong opened their tail feathers which looked like beautiful fan. (Warok of Ponorogo is a man with strong magical power, always dresses in black costumes)

The Performance

The central figure of this dance is The Lion King Singa Barong represented by a dancer wearing a mask of a Lion carrying a large peacock feather fan on top of the mask (this mask is locally called : Topeng Dadak Merak). It weight around 50 kg. The dancer has to use his teeth to hold the mask from inside.

He must have a very strong set of teeth and neck to move around the mask Dadak Merak. (NOTICE THIS!: LIFT THE MASK USING TEETH! ANDA MAMPU? *tiru ayat cikgu hamdi =p) On top of this, he has also to carry a lady representing Princess Ragil Kuning. Or sometimes, he has to demonstrate his skill and strength by carrying another mask dancer on top of him, and still he could dance with vigorous and fantastic movements.

King Kelono Sewandono wearing a mask and a crown is a stylish dancer, Bujanganom also wearing a mask is an acrobatic dancer.

The Waroks in black costumes,

Jatilan - good looking young soldiers riding flat bamboo horses (Kuda Kepang).

Caplokan - Wears a dragon mask to lure Singa Barong to dance more livelly.

It is important to note that a reog dance group must have at least one "Wong Tuwo" (Old Man) or "Wong Pinter" (Clever Man) dealing with magical matters.

In a certain celebration several reog groups could perform together, sometimes until 100 groups.

Nowadays there is a reog groups with all dancers are woman, the only one is from Wonogiri regency, district of Slogohimo (50 km South of Solo).

Retrieved from

p/s: i love Malaysia which is so full with colors of other ethnics. beautiful. beautiful. beautiful. ;)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

wedding wedding and more weddings!!

5th February 2011

It was my second brother's wedding.
it was soooooooooo full with people!
even dalam cuaca panas terik, ramai yg datang
Alhamdulilah.... tidak la membazir kalao ramai yg datang
makanan pun sume habis.
we are very grateful that everything went smooth that day. ;) thank God.

theme for the wedding???? caca merba. sume kaler ader.
hahaha! still it looked nice, bak kata cikgu Daniel adie. ahahaha
tq Cikgu Hamdi kerana sudi dtg dr jauh2, and sori sebab suruh u tolong buat cabutan bertuah tu. patutnye tetamu x buat kerja. ahahaha. sorreh yep!

Cikgu Hamdi ni la yang abeskan ayam goreng kenduri aku!

ok! now lets the pictures do the talking:::::::::::::::::::::::::::

imported artist ;p

family belah emak. from Kuala Kangsar

sorry, not so much pictures of the bride, we just leave it to the photographer.

this is when, im in charged distributing the cabutan bertuah gifts for the ahli rewang. heheh

semoga berkekalan yaw!

jiran yg dihormati dan di kasihi ;)

the night before the rest of my cousins and uncle/ties went home

i know my face looks weird in this pict. but since i rarely put make up on, i just uploaded it, in case u bum into me next year when im wearing make up and walk like a model. (hell yeah. in my dream)

these are my boyfriends. :P


eager to know what is this??????
u just have to wait for the next entry okay ;p

p/s: are you afraid of the dark? by Sidney Sheldon. He knows how to deliver magic in his writing. clap2

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pelajar Seri Kota maut bunuh diri.

Fifth Former, in her Facebook wall, had warned of taking her own life

MALACCA: A 17-year-old student of SMK Seri Kota in Ayer Leleh here plunged to her death from the third floor of the school Tuesday, in front of horrified classmates.

Sally Lee Qian Chun, a Form 5A student, had abruptly walked out during a less

on in the Chemistry lab on the second floor of the three-storey block and gone up to her classroom.

Witnesses were shocked when they saw her sitting precariously on the corridor's ledge facing the empty classroom, before falling backwards at about 9.15am.

She died from fatal head injuries.

When met the Malacca Hospital mortuary, a close relative, who refused to be named, said Lee seemed fine and happy when he saw her a day earlier.

Her distraught parents, from Taman Bukit Katil, Bukit Katil, refused to speak to reporters.

Lee, the eldest of three siblings, was described by teachers as a bright and well-behaved student.

Meanwhile, it is learnt that Lee had posted several disturbing comments on her Facebook page since Jan 15, saying this would be her last Chinese New Year.

On Friday, the second day of the new year, she posted that she had planned to take her life last month.

On Sunday night, Lee wrote of a failed relationship and broken promises while reiterating her desire to take her life.

However, her shocking remarks only drew taunts and dares from friends telling her to go ahead with her plans to kill herself.

In her last post at 3.45pm Monday, Lee reminded her friends to keep their promises of buying her a teddy-bear and a coffin. She also told them not to miss her when she was gone and to take care of themselves.

When contacted, Melaka Tengah OCPD ACP Salehhudin Abd Rahman confirmed the incident, saying the case has been classified as sudden death.

Although foul play was ruled out following eye-witness statements to the police, he said a po

st mortem would be carried out on Lee's remains.

Ali Rostam visited the school yesterday.


tragic isn't?
this was my practical school last year. Seri Kota indeed a very nice and calm school. the teachers there are very friendly and welcoming. maybe i had seen seen her few times in my relief class... hmm.. cant remember.

well, i guess, she died because of having problem with stress management.... parents and friends should always aware with their children/friends status in facebook. should not dare your friend to kill her/himself okay.

i hope she rest in peace...

p/s: hope it wont be a haunted school~~ i miss that school.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


when i put on make up on my brother's face on that night,
suddenly, i felt a lil bit emotional....
well.. he is the only brother left which is single on that time.

how will he behave after he got a wife?
will he ignore the rest of his sister n brothers?
will he continue his responsibilities for our parent?

i hope he will always be himself.
easy going,
kind hearted,
happy go lucky,
n very funny person.

nevertheless, i really happy to have a new additional member in my family.
she is a really pretty (muke cam tiz zaqyah okeh), nice and soft lady.
now. i have two sisters! hihi..

i pray for their happiness in every single pray i pray. ;)


no longer bachelor

my lovely family. i love my united family.

when is my turn eh? :P

p/s: gonna be busy this Saturday. kenduri belah sini pulak. anda semua dijemput hadir!!!

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