Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pelajar Seri Kota maut bunuh diri.

Fifth Former, in her Facebook wall, had warned of taking her own life

MALACCA: A 17-year-old student of SMK Seri Kota in Ayer Leleh here plunged to her death from the third floor of the school Tuesday, in front of horrified classmates.

Sally Lee Qian Chun, a Form 5A student, had abruptly walked out during a less

on in the Chemistry lab on the second floor of the three-storey block and gone up to her classroom.

Witnesses were shocked when they saw her sitting precariously on the corridor's ledge facing the empty classroom, before falling backwards at about 9.15am.

She died from fatal head injuries.

When met the Malacca Hospital mortuary, a close relative, who refused to be named, said Lee seemed fine and happy when he saw her a day earlier.

Her distraught parents, from Taman Bukit Katil, Bukit Katil, refused to speak to reporters.

Lee, the eldest of three siblings, was described by teachers as a bright and well-behaved student.

Meanwhile, it is learnt that Lee had posted several disturbing comments on her Facebook page since Jan 15, saying this would be her last Chinese New Year.

On Friday, the second day of the new year, she posted that she had planned to take her life last month.

On Sunday night, Lee wrote of a failed relationship and broken promises while reiterating her desire to take her life.

However, her shocking remarks only drew taunts and dares from friends telling her to go ahead with her plans to kill herself.

In her last post at 3.45pm Monday, Lee reminded her friends to keep their promises of buying her a teddy-bear and a coffin. She also told them not to miss her when she was gone and to take care of themselves.

When contacted, Melaka Tengah OCPD ACP Salehhudin Abd Rahman confirmed the incident, saying the case has been classified as sudden death.

Although foul play was ruled out following eye-witness statements to the police, he said a po

st mortem would be carried out on Lee's remains.

Ali Rostam visited the school yesterday.


tragic isn't?
this was my practical school last year. Seri Kota indeed a very nice and calm school. the teachers there are very friendly and welcoming. maybe i had seen seen her few times in my relief class... hmm.. cant remember.

well, i guess, she died because of having problem with stress management.... parents and friends should always aware with their children/friends status in facebook. should not dare your friend to kill her/himself okay.

i hope she rest in peace...

p/s: hope it wont be a haunted school~~ i miss that school.


arep_lockermonth said...

fuhh...bhya tull..

redmerah said...

stress membunuh lebih ramai org berbanding penyakit2 lain kan...ni namenyer penyakit zaman moden..

nice blog =)

salam perkenalan!

kerja sambilan said...

Bunuh diri ke terjatuh???

Nadzrah said...

arep: yerp! very2 dangerous!

res: yezzaa! skrg sume suke cr jln mudah

kerja sambilan: sy percaya bunuh diri. kalau terjatuh mesti die jerit

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