Thursday, April 26, 2012

how i met you father.

Assalamualaikum wbt

wow! amazed with the new blogspot dashboard layout. well done ! =)

i'm in the middle of mid sem break right now. oh God... really need it after those hard and mind cracking assignments and classes and presentations etc etc (stop complaining Nadzrah! nobody forced u to join it!)

ahahaha... well
i'm married. after about month and half, finally i have time to update my blog.
i am married you know. it is a big issue and must be updated (bukan issue spt: "hari ini saya lipat baju". ekeke). plus, i don't think there are people out there reading my blog. except cikgu Hamdi maybe. hahahah. 

so, here are some of the pictures! taddaaa~~~!!

(sorry, some pictures uploaded are not clear and sharp enough. main pilih je. hehe)

my wedding wasn't that grand (impian setiap gadis2). with the budget that i had, i've tried hard to keep it low and at the same time, takdelah nampak batak sgt kan..  for me, it was perfect. perfect where every one that i love, came to my wedding. my family, friends, students. neighbours. it showed that, there are people who with you, supporting your big day. tak boleh bayang, kenduri kahwin, takde kawan pun datang. pheww~ mintak dijauhkan la kpd anda anda semua... amin..

hihi.. this is my husband. Mohd Syaifuddin b. Abd Rahman

so.. my children.. this is your father..
in case one day you are wondering how i met your father
this is the story..
i met him in online chatting, Skype. on 2005
i was a girl, who was very shy and unattractive.
having someone who wanted to know me well, made me felt flattered (although i knew he was just flirting around)

so, one day, he asked me to be his girlfriend (we haven't seen each other yet. how desperate i was. hak3!)
and i was like, "why not?" just give it a try
after that, months after months, years after years, after few broke ups and quarrelling. (LOL)
we finally decided to get married
on Mei 2011, we got engaged
then, on 10 March 2012, we got married.

and today April 2012, 
i just would like to say that, i am happy to have your father as the one who completed my life.
he is so patience and very helpful with me. i love him so much (blushing) 

and i hope, having you, in our life, will make our life more meaningful and bring us joy. =)
thank you Allah.. =)

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