Monday, March 7, 2011

cat killer, may u rot in hell.

i dont know but u guys. but this is really disturbing.
this is apparently not a guy. but a girl (21 year-old). notice this. a GIRL!
i am an animal lover. i love animals. especially cat.

tak sanggup nk tgk smpai habis. tgk smpai die tendang je.
tragik sgt. smpai mati kucing tu. satu mati. satu lagi parah. mak kucing tu nak tlg pon x mampu. mampu tengok je...
awat laa manusia ni kejam sgt.

this girl is so really inhuman. what on earth that small kitten has done anything to you? that kitten even didnt barely move towards u for God sake!!!

and now u want forgiveness??
in your damn ******* dream!!!

conferencing about her stupid mistake. yeah right.

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