Sunday, September 7, 2008

kipas susah mati japan dorama!

I'm such a die hard fan of Japanese drama..
addicted!! ngee!!~

now, i'm addicted with new story which I've download it at

the story entitled FIRST KISS..
i laike Inoue Mao..
she is so cute.. kawaaiii!~~

lets me give a brief about the story,..

A bitter-sweet and uplifting comedy drama about a young girl Mio and her brother Kazuki. To treat her illness overseas, Mio has been living away from her older brother Kazuki for the past ten years. After learning about the upcoming surgery, which she has only a fifty percent chance of survival, Mio decides to fly back to Japan to spend time with Kazuki.

Looking forward to seeing his sweet younger sister, Kazuki anxiously awaits Mio's return in Japan. However, their reunion is nothing but full of surprises as Mio has transformed from the innocent sickly girl Kazuki remembers from ten years ago into a sassy woman with an attitude. Kazuki has difficulty dealing with his wickedly selfish younger sister, but soon learns about the truth of her medical condition and has a change of heart

besides from this story, i've also had watched "Love Revolution, Hana Yori Dango 1, Hana Yori Dango 2, Hanazakarino, With Love and lots more to go!!

hak2.. no wonder i didnt have ample time to do my revision.. sigh~


you are now in my zone said...

I'm just bookmark ur SARS site

n now download first series of dat drama

kalu besh...will be continue

btw, i'm korean freak...ngee ;) a little bit lah...

nadzrah said...

but that's only for japan dorama taw.
not sure bout korean drama website.
that 'first kiss' story i havent finished it yet. haha.. i hope cter tu best! pasni nk dunlod honey n clover plak.. gambatte!!

paCat said...

I want Full House, can arr? Hahaha ~ aishh, forgot oredi, ur japang freaks..!!

.miss zaza. said...

mau gak url dia
abeh la....
xstudy la i layan menda alah neh

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