Thursday, August 7, 2008


quite buzy lately,
have to cope with a lot of test, assignment and dance practice..
at least i have passed miming task.
that is one of d coursework for drama class..

aih~.. so lega lor...
i hope i passed it with reasonable marks! ahakz!

we done a song by natalie imbruglia-torn


Ms. Sleepyhead said...

muka ko mengingatkan aku kat~

budak2 whoa willow~

yg jadi back up singer~


kak den, yara~ n i-don't-know-who-else lagi~

eyt~ this one is for drama class aite? teslian here maybe doing the same things too~ but lil bit different la~

rumet aku t-rex buat video clip style~ other classes was just like MTV things~ cool lah korg!

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