Monday, August 25, 2008

kau!!! ya.. ngko!!!

A :selamat pg

aku : hehe... slmat pg :D

B :sila duduk

aku :ye... maseh2.. hehehe~

A :well.. nape awk amek KPTM(kem pel tinggi mesia)
scholarship ni?

aku :... er.. becoz i really like to teach. in my family,
my father, my mother and my brother is a teacher. so,
think the educator blod is in my vein. hehe

B: :actually we want to find a person who really can teach.
who is genuine k. not juz becoz the scholarship or what
ever. do u really take dis scholarship 4 d sake of
job security or u really like to teach?

aku :i think, maybe the first one really matter to. job
security is important, but, for my second reason, i
really do like teaching.. (with phony smile)

A: hm... ok, can u teach us something with micro teaching

aku: using projector, whiteboard or what?

B: doesnt matter, use anything that u can use in this room.

aku: orait2.. i think ill use the whiteboard. hehe

(start teaching, go the whiteboard, wrote some example. mumbling. aih~ jd dak TESL ni asek kene p interbiu jer. kali ni dah masuk kali ke 3 interbiu. kalowt~)

aku :orait students, today i'm gonna teach u bout verb.
what is verb? verb a a word dat describe action. bla bla bla~~

A :cikgu2!! watper kt blaja verb cikgu? sy da blaja la kat
sekola dlu. watper blaja lg. bosan la cikgu.

aku : aih~ kamu ni, verb ni adlah parts of speech, every
single word u must know about it. to get a complete
sentence, the verb must be agree with the subject.
how are u gonna make a complete sentence if u dont know
about verb?

B : ok.. i think u can sit now.

aku : tengkiu.. hehe.~

A : agak2 la kan, nape kami mesti terima awak dlm interbiu neh?

aku : hurmm... sy rasa sy seorang yg komited dlm melaksanakan
tugas2 sy. as u can see in my resume, i have involve in
many clubs and i got a lot of secretary title there were u can see..

B : ok.. u said u r commited right? hurm.. lets say, there is a
situation where u are in the middle of dinner with ur
husband and suddenly u got a call from campus telling
u that u need to go back to campus a.s.a.p. what would u do?

aku : er.. i will go to the campus and explain to my husband.
i;m sure he will understand.

B : actually, that's not the way. why dont u just bring
ur husband to the campus? just settle the work with
him and maybe u can explain to ur director that u r
in the middle of dinner with ur husband. maybe the
director will understand and
can let u go.

aku : owh.. ya... (pesal aku x terpikir td!! ishk!! kantoi2!!)

and the conversation continuew~ i was so gelaba~ BI tonggang langgang. siap kene tegur.. aih~ x per2 i will improve my self

after interbiu~ so relieve~ aih~


~miss zaza~ said...

caya la kenet


mmg kalowt

smpa bley tersalah call pacat

"yang ko ktne??"


LoLLip0p's w0rLd said...

gle r interviewer tuh...
seram aku bce..
(da lame x ngadap interview la ktekan)
tp ok wat ko bley handle pe yg die bg tuh...
good n improve lg k..

nadzrah said...

yg pasti sy gelaba
improve lg

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