Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bad tudung dei~

such a bad tudung hair la today....
juz now, i went to CIMB bank to withdraw and bank in some money..
i went there with my LONGMAN DICTIONARY and my bag..
then, i put my dict. on the rack in front of the ATM machine and my bag on top of it
after finished withdraw my money, i went to the bank in section which are located really! really!! really!!! besides the ATM machine.
then DAMN!!
the bank in section had some trouble!
but, i handle the situation professionally.
i kept trying and trying until the machine accepted all my money..
then, on my way back out from the bank,
suddenly i realized that my hand is quite empty ( kosong ar kot)
my dictionary
then i turn back to the ATM machine where i believed it was there
it couldnt be happened!!!
my dictionary had been stoled in front of me without i realized it!!!!!!!!!
that dict cost about RM 70... wuwuw~
plus, it is my fav dict..
how could on earth people stole dict!!!
it is a dictionary!!!!!!!!!!
mine dictionary!!!!!!!!!!!


Ms. Sleepyhead said...

aaa~ why would in this world people wanted to steal a dictionary??

ape ke bangang la org yg curik tu~

kalau aku~



pelis aah~! dah tak de bende len ke?

perhaps a playboy magazine would works for me lah~ ahaha~

N|KcO said...

cian nyer die...
dictionary pun nk curi...
tp kan
yg curi tuh mesti berpelajaran...
sbb xkan die tepikir nk curi dictionary tuh...

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