Thursday, April 9, 2009

u look stupid when u r screaming!

aku tujukan blogpost aku kali ni wat si dia
aku taw satu kelas taw aku tujukan kat sape..

bagi aku
bler ko dah start jerit2 memaki org lain
u look stupid

in my whole life i never backmouth my so called 'teacher'
i respected my teacher very much
even though they criticized me in many way
i dont mind
as long as it is correct
i'm an open minded person
i accept it professionally

but, for ur profession that is so called 'teacher'
u should not use that kind of tone to us
we are adult
we do all the things that u asked us to do
no objection
but, when u use that kind of tone, just because u are so stupid to understand what we were presenting
then, u are..

i used to respect u actually
but now... sigh~

but, i learn something from her...
that is
do not screaming!!
u looks STUPID!!!!!!

sorry if my English is broken, i will try to improve..


rizz said...

wahh marah bebenoo nad..sabo yer hehehe

♥miss zaza♥ said...

serius she looks stupid!
dh la slow learner
main bingo pon tak tau
baek quit jd lecturer la!

bee said...

sape yg m'jorit nie???meh habaq mai kat b..kite pakat b same2..serbu..biar masok m3

chupa chups! said...

aku setuju!screaming is not a good method in teaching listening n speaking.haha bongok..silap kta xgtau dia.ehem2,sora tu orat.hahak

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