Tuesday, January 20, 2009

tagged by Qieynah

The age you’ll be on your next birthday

A place you’ll like to travel to
= Makkah lah...

Your favourite place
= Home, more precisely, my room

Your favourite food
= all types of spicy food

Your favourite pet
= Cat!!!!!

Your favourite colour combination
= Red + Black

Your favourite piece of clothing
= erm.... simple one

Your all time favourite song
= kalau bulan bisa ngomong... haha

Your favourite tv show
= sume yg ade kat HBO

The town in which you live in

= Batu pahat

Your first job
= kerani kat kedai motor.

Your dream job
= doktor...

Your worst fear
= anything that crawling

The one thing you’d like to do before you die
= mengucap 2 kalimah syahadah... amin....

The first thing you’ll buy if you get $1000 0000
= picanto

Sebarkan virus tagged ke 5 org
= ha!! kamu dan kamu! cukup 5 org dah. gud luck!


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