Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Being pranked by mumtaz!!! Dayyum!!!!

last week, got a fs testi from my fren, mumtaz
she claimed that her family will held an open house at her place, ayer baloi, pontian
she invited me and my other fren that is che' yam

so, after some discussion with che yam, we decided to go
my mother also didnt mind to lend me her car. thx mum... wink3*

on the way to her 'open house'
i texted her saying we are on my way to her house
then she give us the direction from batu pahat to pontian
then, after about half an hour
i called her asking where is exactly her house is?
then she said that her house is on parit hape ntah
where there is wirawan sawit company at front of it
and i asked about her house condition, what color and so ever
the she answered that her house is a house where there is 'bunga mangga'

what type of open house with there will be bunga mangga decoration????

i asked: hey! ko ni open house ke kenduri kawen??? siap bunga mangga bagai!
she replied: ha! ye la! kenduri kawen
i replied : hoi!! ko kate open house!! (time tu dah x abes2 gelak dah ngan che yam)
she replied: hoi!! jgn la gelak! aku seyes neh! ckp la ko dtg pakai baju seksi2?
i replies : hoh! ye la, aku pakai seksi2 ni. haha, ok2 nanti ktorg smpai

then, after i hang up the phone
me and cheyam laughed without stop
wth open house with bunga mangga thats all about
we really thought that mumtaz is just pulling our leg
plus, that day was tuesday
no body having wedding on tuesday

but, when we arrived at her place, there were really bunga mangga and tent
who the heck is married??
mumtaz kawen kah??
being pranked by mumtaz,
normally people comes to wed after zuhur
but we reached there at 12
plus, we didnt brought any present
plus, we didnt brought any money to ' salam keruk' (salam di mana duit sekali dihulur)
so angry with mumtaz
cant stop maki her

pasni kalo aku kawen aku ckp aku wat besday party
ampeh ko asz

ni lah che' yam.. pelayan setia aku dlm kete. hahah

dpt bontrot beb!!

che yam, asz (tuan rumah 'open house') ngan aku

suke sgt side2 food dier, x taw nak makan mana satu, tapai je x larat nak telan. haha


you are now in my zone said...

hahaha...lucu sgt! :D

nadzrah said...

lucu ka??

Ms. Sleepyhead said...


check out iqram and ibrahim robert wed's picta there! thankz for coming!!!

p/s-hoho..klu aku tak klentong mesti korg mcm payah nak dtg kan..ahahahahha~hebatnye aku mengelentong~ weh..weds tu takde salam keruk..tiada sebarang wang maupun ape2 jenis saguhati akan diterima.huhu..buat majlis cam kesyukuran jee~

nadzrah said...

haha! yeke xde??
nasib bek x kasi aritu..

paCat said...

makannnn je keje ko..hahaha

cekyam said...

fuh. bersyukur aku x menghulur wang kertas berwarna kemerahan hari tuh. hahah!
btw, sronok gak ah lepak umh terBUKA si mumtaz.
yg paling cool adlh tapai.
ho yeah!
gue si ratu tapai!

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