Saturday, January 15, 2011


CALL - Computer Assisted Language Learning
well, CALL is one of the subjects for my last semester in UiTM.
my lecturer asked us to create a blog regarding CALL, so we can share our information regarding CALL to all of our readers. Brilliant idea isnt???

Instead of learning in class only, we can share the knowledge in our class throughout the wholeeeeeeeee (with mouth wide open) world!! =p

its amazing to see all of my fellow classmates going to
have their own blog. haha.
i hope they are going to be active in blogging so i can know updates about them since next semester we are not going to see each other again. ;(

well, guys! keep on blogging
lets make world a better place to write and share our knowledge.
p/s: there is a saying that if we are so stingy to share our knowledge, we are going to be senile early!
an advantage for educators isnt?! hehe.

if there are mistakes in my grammar, please inform me okay. im in process to improve my terrible2 grammar.. duhh~~


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