Monday, July 21, 2008

my new house...

ive moved to taman chempaka
in front of TESCO n Melaka Central
cool place
only cost 400 per month
about 100 per person which plus internet, water and electricity
so damn cool!!!!!!
i like this place
plus, my new housemate is also cool and sporting
at first, i thouht that i may not survive living with the person which are from the same classmates
but i think, so far so good
i also dont have roomate
which might help me lessen the probs
only takes 3 minutes to go to campus by motorcycle
and takes only 4 minutes to go to TESCO which are in front of our house..
hehe.. i live my life

my comfort bed and laptop.. ahhh~~

kitchen yg bersepah, tapi fully furnished

my new cool housemetz!!!!!


~miss zaza~ said...

yea kenet!
u got the very nice n cool housmate...

then u shud held a "makan besar" for us...i guess =P

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