Thursday, June 5, 2008

Journey to the South !!! yosh!!

just get back from malacca
together with my lil bro
such a troublesome

a lot of things happened in melacca
only a day have totally change my prescription about life n frenz
to those.... i'm so sorry
i must make a good decision about my future rather just to think bout your feelings..
im so sorry
ive told u earlier that i dont wanna too close with anybody...
so sorry that i dumped u..
i do and always respect and love u....... but i really hope that both of u can understand my situation.
please do say hi to me when u see me next sem
im so sorry...

i think this will gonna be an useful experience 4 me and u

back to our topic
that is journey to the west~~!!

from jhor to melacca takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes by bus or car
but if u travel wit motor it will takes about 3 hours only

i always take prt Jawa road to melacca coz it is quite save rather than jln bakri
ive suffer back pain ache every time i went back to melacca from johor.

it is quite saving if u take motorcycle rather than car,
petrol charge for motorcycle to melacca only RM 6
compare if u take car, it cost u bout RM 30
dats y my mum dont wanna give me a car!!!!!!

but it is okay 4 me, riding a motorcycle is more fun i think.

with my lil bro..

my tyre got problem on the way, got to services it. thx god the are some motorcyle shops open..


Ms. Sleepyhead said...

who's that lucky person got dumped by you?

god bless them. Ha Ha.

citer aaa kat cer nih!!

walaupun aku sibuk menjahit~sob~

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