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The Government Should Build One Session School Only

1.0 Drafts for Government Should Build One School Session Only Composition
General Purpose
To inform the public the purpose why the government should build one school session only.

Specific Purpose
To discover the problem that faced by schools which have two sessions. Also discuss how to make sure the one schools session success.

Central Purpose
Abolish two session schools to one session schools only.

The implementation of two sessions schools have contribute many problems.

The reasons two session schools establishment
1- The demand from the society
-too many children in the area.

The problem of two session schools
1- Administration- need two administration- Morning session
- Afternoon session
2- Teachers – needs more teacher
- needs two session teachers
3- The students safety- afternoon session end at 6.30 p.m
4- Environment – not comfortable –hot and tired
5- Co-curriculum activities- difficult to handle two session students if there is one big event.

1. The schools must be big enough.
2. Build more schools to accommodate all the students in the area
3. Enough facilities and equipment in all schools

Due to the problems occurred, the Ministry of Education should look into the implementation of two session schools more effectively.

2.0 The Government Should Build One Session School Only Composition

There are still many secondary schools which contain 2 sessions. Lower Secondary that is for one and two is in the evening session, meanwhile for upper secondary that is form three, form four and form 5 in morning session. the purpose of the government build 2 session schools is to accommodate students from all over the area. But, do we realize that when you divide stuff, any stuff – even people, for instance, into different groups, conflict or problem is bound to arise between the groups, even if there are no obvious, or inherent, differences. Therefore, to overcome all the problems, the government should eliminate all two session schools to single session schools only.

The implementation of two school sessions contributes too many problems. The first problem is, it requires two different administrations, for morning session and afternoon session. It is difficult to have two different administrations in one same school. This is because of several factors for example different administration needs their own worker. Therefore, they cannot have the same worker to work at two different administrations. There are no people who are willing to work extra time for free. Another factor is, it is hard to handle thousand of students at the same time because every one of the students has their own problem regarding many things. The administrations are also facing problem in making any decision. As we all know, it is not easy to handle one big organization. So, there should be one person who is able to make any decision regarding the running of the school. There will also question of who is the person that should be refers to if there is a need of signature by the principle. This is because the school gets financial support from the government and other sponsors. Therefore, it deals with so many agreement and discussion among the administration and the sponsors. The problem will occurred if something bad happen. People will keep pointing at each other if this happen. Lastly, there will be unhealthy competition among the workers as well as the leader. Everyone will show t each other that he is the best. Both leaders of the administration will compete with each other and when this happen, it shows bad example to the workers. Both leaders will lose their respect from their workers.

The second problem in the implementation of two school sessions is the needs for more teachers to teach in the school. Different sessions need different teachers. This is because it can not be the same teacher to teach in both sessions as it will make them tired. Plus, the ministry of education also facing problem regarding the lack teachers. Nowadays, students are preferred to further their study in other famous profession such as engineering field. So, the needs of teacher are higher than the number of available teacher. There are also some two session’s school facing the lack of teacher and in order to solve this problem, the administration decided that some teachers have to work in both sessions.

The third problem is regarding the safety of the pupils especially for afternoon session. The afternoon session finish at 6.30pm. This is the peak hour of the day. This is the time where everybody gets home from their work. The road will be very busy. It is hard for the students to get bus to go home especially in rural areas where the public transportation end at 6 pm. So, parents need to fetch their kids from the school. But, what happen parents who won’t be able to fetch their kids? How can the pupils get home? The school administration also need to double the security of the students because nowadays, kidnapping crime especially kids are increasing. The parents as well as the government are very concerned about this problem.

The fourth problem is regarding the environment of the school including the whether and the classroom. As we all know, it is hot during afternoon. Students can easily get uncomfortable during this time. They are not study in the air conditioned classroom which is cool and comfortable. So, they can hardly focus in the hot classroom. Another question that keeps hunting all people is, can they retain their energy till the end of the session? In order to focus in the class, mind should have enough rest so that the brain can work effectively. Student will also feel tired in the class because some of the students will go playing with other friends in the morning as it is the only time they can play. There is also problem in spacing. Where they put their book or things since they have to share the same class with other students? Everyday, pupils have to study almost five to six subjects in school. Most of the books are thick. So, can you expect them to carry heavy beg every single day? It is not good for their health where it will affect their backbone. Pupils in both classes need to clear up their entire thing before they leave the classroom for the use of the next class. It will affect the last lesson as teacher will give pupils some time to clean up the classroom.

The fifth problem is during the co-curriculum activities. It is difficult to handle all students at the same time especially in big event such as during sports day. Can all the teacher and two administrations cooperate with each other and handle all pupils? It sounds almost impossible to do that. Pupils have to come on Saturday for co-curriculum activity. This is because Saturday is the only day that available to do it. The administration also has to do co-curriculum activity in two sessions because the school can not afford to accommodate all pupils at the same time. The morning session pupils need to come in the afternoon and the afternoon session need to come in the morning.

To make sure the one session school succeeds, there some way to make it happened. Firstly, the government can larger the schools by adding more classes to the schools. Through this, the number in each class still can be controlled but only add other class to place other students. The other way is by build more school in the area. Adding new school in the area will solve lack of space problems. The parents now can choose where to place their child.

Schools also should set the maximum number of their students. A school should not more than 1000 students. Too many students will difficult the administration or teachers to control all students. To make it succeed also, the government also should equip every school with enough facilities. It is no use if all the students now in one session, but the school still lack with facilities. Lack with facilities might make the lesson less interesting.

As a conclusion, the implementation of two session’s schools creates lots of problem to many people from the administration to the students as well as to the parents. The only problem to solve all these problems is by the abolishment of two session’s school. But on the other hand, the government should make sure that they built quality one school session. The school must be big enough to accommodate all students, the facilities and equipments are enough for the usage of pupils. Another solution to this problem is by building more schools especially in the area that contain a lot of people.

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