Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Rugila kalo sape tak join contest Daniel adie kan!

so, demi mengaut hadiah2 yg awesome sbg hadiah konvo i, *smbil angkat2 kening kat daniel adie.
apelah salah kirenye memilih i sebagai pemenang no 1 ye. =p

ok. here we go. hehe

haaa.. ce korang teka. mana satu senyuman aku yg fake??
*cam dua2 fake je. hmmm

the first one is me in my baju sewa for my engagement. hak2. tomei2 dak? *blurggh!~
of coz la the first pict is the sincerest smile! tunang kot. takkan senyum nak fake *unless baju anda terlalu ketat, ditunangkan dgn mat bangla or nepal, atau tunang anda terlalu annoying, atau makanan kenduri x ckup, yada yada yada~~

the second pict is not actually that sincere because the reason why i took that pict was because to find some new profile pict. *kinda bored with the same profile pict. so, i consider it as fake because u smile for nothing. not like the 1st pict, where i smiled for myself. i smiled coz im happily engaged with someone whom i love.

so, that's all that i can say about these two pictures...
i hate to fake a smile actually, because when u fake it to other person, they can detect that u r faking. stop hurting others!!! i love my smile. :)

thus, i would like to see my friends' beautiful smile. which are CIKCUM *rindu cikcum ;) and EFFA MARIFA *baru nak kenal2. hehe

p/s: cant wait for the convocation day. after all the hard work and torture. pheww.. glad it was over. but wait! it is still NOT OVERRRR!!!! UWAAAAA!!!

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