Friday, July 9, 2010

dear students....

hi sume~~~~ it has been ages aku x hapdet blog. hihi
selama ni dok jd silent readers, baca blog org, teringin plak nak wat new entry.

so, this semester i have to go through with the practicum thingy.
i have been given SMK Seri Kota as the place to 'sacrifice' my self. seriously.

hahaha. but now, started to lovin it.
the reasons why i go to school everyday are because my students.
even though u r facing a very tough working environment, but, when u see ur 'children' there, waiting for you to give all the information and love that they need, u will feel like u r indeed an important person.

i dont care if they even hate me because im so strict and garang like hell to them, but one day for sure, they will remember me as Teacher Nadzrah who shouts like a crazy woman. hahaha!
im sure they will remember also, all the ketuk ketampis that they have to do everyday.

Hey my fellow students!
forgive me for my voice that makes your ears hurt,
forgive me for all the punishments,
forgive me for all the wrongness that ive commit,
but u know, i do all of it because i do care about you...

urs truly,
Cikgu Kenet.

my fren said that Teacher Hamdi looks like YB, i look like principal, and Teacher Nabil looks like sports school's principal. LOL!!!


this is Tharani, very good student

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